Workshop was held at Uzbek Center on Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking.

We have successfully held a Cyber Security workshop at the center of Uzbek-American Association of Chicago thanks to the presentation led by Mishaal Khan (an ethical hacker) and Naveed Hussain (lawyer) who provided the audience with 10 most important suggestions that can be found below:

10 most important suggestions from a hacker!!!

1. Malicious hackers: No one should forget that anyone at any time can be a target for malicious hackers;
2. Effective passwords: Create complex phrases, add specific characters (@, #, $, % …) and combine numbers; Never use the one and the only one password for different websites or accounts; Make use of KeePass, LastPass, iCloud Keychain, or Dashlane to save your passwords as it will be much difficult to memorize all of them;
3. Stealing info from your pockets: We should never ignore the existence of devices that can read information in your credit cards or key cards from your pocket or wallet. Malicious hackers possess a device – upon approaching it close to our pockets/wallets – that can read magnetically encoded data from your valuable cards (e.g., credit cards, office key cards). To protect your personal information, there are specialized wallets/purses are available.
4. Suspicious emails: Do not open attachments of emails that contain suspicious subject lines. Also, do not click on the links in the suspicious emails. You can see the actual link target by hovering over it.
5. Update: Always update the operation systems. Do not forget that their latest version tends to be the most secure;
6. Secure WiFi: Take necessary precautions to connect to the Internet. Some information can be stolen by connecting to free “wifi” and “hotspot” services offered in public places.
7. Alien USB: Avoid connecting somebody else’s USB to your personal computers;
8. Social media: Avoid distributing personal information via social media; Pay particular attention to what pieces of information we tend to post on our personal social media websites;
9. Social engineering: A term known as “social engineering” happens to be the most effective tool for malicious hackers. Suspicious people steal your information by talking to you over the phone or meeting with you face-to-face on social occasions.
10. Losing information: The best way to avoid losing your information is to backup your information in a timely manner. Recommended to have a copy of important files in three places: (1) a separate hard disk; (2) a separate copy in the PC itself; (3) one of the secure cloud services online;

We hope everyone will take advantage of these suggestions!