About UAAC

Our Mission: The Uzbek American Association of Chicago (UAAC) is dedicated to promoting and preserving the rich cultural heritage of Uzbekistan within the vibrant and diverse tapestry of Chicago. As a non-profit cultural center, we strive to foster a deep understanding of Uzbek traditions, arts, and history while encouraging a harmonious relationship between Uzbeks and the broader community.

Who We Are: Established by a passionate group of Uzbek Americans, the UAAC serves as a beacon for Uzbeks in Chicago and the Midwest, providing a sanctuary where our traditions, language, and values are celebrated and shared. We are proud to represent a community that is known for its warm hospitality, intricate craftsmanship, and millennia-old history.

What We Offer:

  • Cultural Events: Regular events highlighting Uzbek music, dance, and traditions, bringing the vibrant colors and melodies of Uzbekistan to Chicago’s cultural scene.
  • Language Programs: Courses and workshops that cater to those wishing to learn or improve their Uzbek language skills, from beginners to advanced levels.
  • Educational Seminars: Lectures and discussions on Uzbek history, literature, and the arts, often featuring renowned scholars and experts from around the world.
  • Community Outreach: Collaboration with other cultural and community organizations in Chicago to promote intercultural understanding and appreciation.
  • Support Services: Offering support to newly arrived Uzbeks, assisting in their transition and integration into American society.

Our Vision: At the UAAC, we envision a future where the essence of Uzbek culture is interwoven with the dynamic mosaic of Chicago’s cultural scene. A future where our children can proudly identify with their Uzbek heritage while also celebrating the diversity that America offers.

Get Involved: The strength of the UAAC lies in its community. We welcome individuals of all backgrounds to join us, whether you are of Uzbek descent or simply have a passion for learning about new cultures. Volunteer, participate in our events, or contribute in any way you can. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that the splendors of Uzbek culture continue to shine in the heart of Chicago.

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1111 Van Street, Elgin, IL 60123

Email: info@uzbekchicago.org





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