Upcoming The Uzbek Plov Day on December 6, 2015

18-11-15 UZBEK CHICAGO 0 comment

Uzbek Community of Chicago is celebrating Palov Day (Plov Day/Pilaff Day/День Плова).

The Event starts at 4pm on December 6, 2015 at following address:

501 Midway dr.

Mount Prospect, IL 60056


People from all 15 countries of former Soviet Union are invited in addition to all other nationalities living in US. Professional cook will make great Uzbek plov. You will witness monolog about history of Plov, dancing, singing, kids’ fashion show of Uzbek national clothes etc.

Tickets are sold per table.

Regular table $200

“Gold” table $250 (nearest to the stage)

10 people fit around each table.

We hope this event will bring Uzbeks and other communities closer.

For reservations call:

Jamshid (919)698-4714;

Alimjan (708)415-1743.

Notice: Tickets are sold just so we can cover the rent and other expenditure since we have limited resources.

Thank You.

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